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PostSubject: Forum Rules    Forum Rules  EmptyTue Jun 02, 2009 8:31 am

First of all- Welcome to the forum. I am the creator *Takes a bow*
Secondlly- the rules that this place makes you read before signing up, ignore those. We have our own rules here.

And now here are the things necessary to make things run smoothly.

RESPECT- that means you respect your administrators, moderators and fellow forum members. We are all here to admire Deathstars, not to create issues with one another.

ENGLISH- We prefer that you use the English language on this forum as it is open to everyone. If you suffer in the English language, do not be afraid to ask for help.

SWEARING- Say all the bad words you want. Hell, your favorite Administrators and Moderators swear like it's their jobs.

AVATAR SIZES- Not important. I could care less. Pick a picture, put it up and be happy.

SIGNATURES- Same as Avatars, but just remember how annoying it is to try and read something and there is a huge ass signature making shit confusing.

ISSUES WITH A FELLOW MEMBER?- You can't please the world and we are all aware that it is really common for people to get into fights and what have you. Though we ask that you please do your best to work it out yourselves like adults. However, if you can not handle that, contact one of your local Administrators and we will take care of it Wink

RANKS- As you can see some members have special ranks aside from the generic song name ranks I created. Once I get to know someone well enough, and if they are active enough they are allowed to request a special rank from me. The catch is though, you must be active enough, or you don't get the privilege. Someone with 3 posts asking for a special rank as opposed to someone with 50 or 100 posts, the latter of the two will be the first to be taken into consideration.

WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH DEATHSTARS- Though some of us may eat, sleep, shit, breathe, and puke Deathstars, we the Administrators and Moderators of this forum are not associated with them personally. We do run Myspace support profiles and maybe have spoken to a member or two through that, but we do not, and will never, claim to be their best friends, or closely in association with the band. We are simply fans that wanted to give other fans another place to go to enjoy their love of Deathstars. Therefore, please do not ask us personal things about any of them and please do not ask us favors regarding them as we can not fulfill any of that, nor would we have the right to or want to. It would be beyond disrespectful of us, making us more of scum than supporters.

SAY WHAT YOU WANT- The band never comes here, they don't know this forum exists (whip used to when it was a Whiplasher Fanforum), they'll probably never have anything to do with it. This means, if you've got something to say as far as expressing your admiration then say it. We're not gonna reprimand you for talking about wanting to ____________ with [enter band member here]. We even have a forum dedicated to it. Load off your 'steam' in there.

NEW TO DEATHSTARS?- Welcome. If you are wondering who the hell Deathstars are, have no idea who they are at all, please go to the following links:
Deathstars on Myspace
There, you will find all you need to know about our Deathglam gods. If you're too lazy for research, you can also have a look and listen in our video thread.

QUESTIONS?- Feel free to PM me and I will be happy to assist you as best as I can.
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Forum Rules
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