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PostSubject: Updating the Forum   Updating the Forum EmptyThu Dec 01, 2011 8:52 pm

As I've decided to revive the forum (lets hope it fucking works), I'm gonna need to update a lot of things.

Some of my control buttons have gone awry because of tinypic, some of the icons around here Im not so fond of anymore because they aren't easily noticed or what have you.

So I've decided I might change the forum's entire color scheme and try to pick a better skin with better icons and so on. However, the major icons such as your navigation up top will remain as the D-Wheel, as will the forums' icons, locked icon, new posts icon- it's the inner icons I don't like.

None of this can take place until I move, however, because all of my forum stuff is on a backup disc I can't access until I do. So for right now, we will have to deal with half assed and old.

As far as the photo up top of the band- Changing that is up for debate. It's mostly color scheme, layout and buttons Im concerned with.

Feel free to leave input. I'm open to ideas.


Updating the Forum J94hm0
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Updating the Forum
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